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Alin Stan

Project Management Officer - NICOLS INTERNATIONAL S.A.

Betty Lendez

Senior Sales Support - NICOLS INTERNATIONAL S.A.

Władysław Farafonow /

Why do you need a corporate movie?

  • Movies sell (yes!)
  • The best way to quickly present a service or a product
  • Raises the prestige of the company in front of the client who visits the website
  • The possibility of using a movie in an advertising campaign in social media
  • You can easily send a link to the movie to the client (without visiting the website)
  • Better corporate image among employees
  • Better corporate image in the whole business environment
  • The possibility of using the movie on trade fairs or presentations

Why do you need an animation?

  • You can present your product or service in a highly creative way (SKY IS THE LIMIT!)
  • You can use animations in social-media campaigns
  • Easy and intuitive absorption by the customer
  • Advantage over the competitors (few companies do advertising animations)
  • Transparent and dynamic message
  • A long-term impact on the customer (customer involuntarily remembers the creative brand)

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