Why us?

A few sentences to convince you to buy our services

We once asked ourselves a question: if we wanted to outsource the production of a commercial for our company, what would we expect from our producer?

Two answers were given. Firstly, we would be looking for someone who understands how business works, knows how to identify the real needs of the target group (Insight) and can write a creative advertising script based on that. The second answer to the question we asked was quite obvious, although we are surprised that our industry seems to have completely forgotten about it. We would like to know exactly what we are paying for!

We focus on business analytics before creating a film concept, so that the production supports the growth of the client's business. We let our imagination run wild while creating scenarios, which we then diligently bring to life. A significant value that we are able to offer is a transparency about the cost estimate of film production. What is the salary of a director, what is the cost of a camera operator, an editor, a sound engineer or a lighting equipment rental etc.? We will always choose the most appropriate specialist for your industry. You will have a direct influence on the final price of the production. Our responsibility will be to make an appropriate recommendation, inform you about the costs and the various possible variants of cooperation. You will always know exactly how much you have to pay and for what.

Who are we?

We are a group of experts in film production and advertising animation working closely together. The company is managed by Kuba Wójtowicz, who has been working in advertising for 16 years. We cooperate with a company that specialises in marketing communication strategy. Their professionals help us to develop advertising strategies for our clients, and we do the rest. We create video content both as a subcontractor for advertising agencies, but also for our individual clients. We make productions both for the biggest ones - we shoot spots for national TV, cinema, the Internet - but we are also happy to work on low-budget productions for smaller companies. We have produced many films. The best way to develop your confidence in our work is to look at our portfolio. Last but not least, contact with us does not cost anything. We invite you to cooperate with us, all you need is a phone call or an e-mail.

We are at your disposal.

Kuba Wójtowicz - advertising film producer

mobile: +48 884 074 074